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Risk and Resilience Research Lab


Peace and Human Rights Lab

Welcome to the Risk and Resilience Research Lab and Peace and Human Rights Lab!

Lab members conduct research that evaluates individual and community response to trauma and examines the factors that contribute to resiliency when people are confronted with traumatic events and life stressors.


Lab research projects are currently being conducted in New Zealand, Korea, Great Britain, Africa, and the United States with active duty military, veterans, political defectors, homeless people, older adults, disaster survivors, crisis counselors, nursing home staff, refugees, and survivors of conflict. 


Current lab research projects focus on developing and evaluating trauma interventions, indirect self-destructive behaviors, psychological first aid, financial elder abuse, palliative care, assessment of trauma, and delivery and use of mental health treatment.


In addition to ongoing research projects, the Labs also conduct program evaluations, create training materials, develop social marketing campaigns, and write policy briefs using a variety of research approaches such as secondary data analysis, community-based participatory research, photo voice, survey questionnaires, focus groups, and semi-structured interviews.

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