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The Risk and Reslilence Research Lab has completed the following projects.

Aegis Trust is an international organization working to prevent genocide, encourage communities to change from mindsets of mistrust and prejudice to a position of shared responsibility, and help survivors in difficult circumstances to rebuild their lives. Aegis conducts and encourages research about genocide to improve the practice of prevention.

Africa Mental Health Foundation is a Kenya-based non-governmental organization that brings together a wide spectrum of professionals to conduct research in mental and neurological health and substance use. It works to generate evidence for policy and best practice in the provision of affordable, appropriate, available and accessible mental health services.

Global Trauma Research helps support people around the world affected by psychological trauma. They work to create a secure and maintainable lifestyle through education, counseling, support, and integration of spirituality in health practices. IGMH is a close collaborator on their Haiti Trauma Project.

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