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This part of the site is hidden from view and is for internal use only. It will feature the design specifications for colors, fonts, layouts, etc. so that others can edit and create pages consistently.



A Good Poet Steals!

When creating new pages or page elements, the best method is to make a copy of the page and edit it rather than start from scratch.

  • In the Pages menu, you can select a page and duplicate it.

  • In lists, you can make copies of existing list items.

List Guidelines

These notes refer specifically to the Wix automated feature called "Lists."

Wix provides "Lists" for structuring information on pages. Lists are extremely handy and can make content management easier, but they are also very tricky, expecially when it comes to image handling. Sometimes the images is cropped, sometimes it's not. Very seldom does the Wix content manager (That would be you!) have much, if any, control over the final look of an image. for more details, see Image Guidelines, below.

Alpha Order

Lists of people are (or shold be!) sorted alphabetically by last name. The only exception is the Fellows list, where Bill Froming, as Director,  is listed first.

Lists of organizations are generally alpha by name of organization. However, there were some lists where it seemed approriate to put the "heavy hitters" higher on the list , such as the World Health Organization at the top of the GMH Organizations page.

Spacer Image

If you are mixing List items with and without images, the spacing of your list could get weird. Items with images will indent while items without images will be flush left. To resolve this, there is an invisible spacer image that can be added to the image field as a placeholder so that all items indent. An example is the Center for m2health item on the Intervention page (as of July 25, 2016, anyway.)

Image Guidelines


I asked Wix for guidelines as to aspect ratio and live area for images in all the lists and galleries, but they do not have this information. They provided the following guidelines:

  • Wix cannot provide a standard aspect ratio for full width elements, becasue the ratio will depend on the height that you have set for the full width gallery.

  • Additionally, full width elements are responsive and their width will also change based on the screen size.

  • Due to the responsive nature of the element, the full width and height of the image will not display on all monitors.

  • In order to ensure that your images look good on all monitors, they recommend that we choose images where all of the important aspects of the image are located in the middle third of the image.

  • Full width galleries are best suited for landscape type images where it is not critical that the entire image be displayed.

Image Archive

A very annoying feature of the Wix content management system is that images are not stored with the site but with the user. This means that when you log into the site, using your personal Wix log in, you will only see the images you uploaded in the "My Uploads" section of the site.

The workaround for this (recommended by the good people at Wix) is to store all site images on Google Drive before uploading to Wix.

  • Anyone at Palo Alto University can view the archive. To obtain editor permissions, contact Dave Leavitt, Harrianne Mills.

So, whenever you want to add an image to the website, here's the process:

  1. Obtain the highest resolution, largest format version of the photo that you can get.

  2. Place a copy in the appropriate folder within the IGMH Image Archive.

  3. Upload the image to Wix using the Social Images option.

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